This is an excellent tool to learn how to produce audio-visual material that will assist in promoting and reporting events, projects or mission trips.

It is also an opportunity to begin to play a more active role in society through the realization of communication products that can be easily disseminated via social networks and media.


Local reporter (youth and adult)
Mini Reporter (for children up to the age of 16)

1. Learn how to prepare and produce a report. Students are encouraged to work together and with the community, conducting interviews and reviews.
2. Develop basic skills in the areas of:

Creativity: creative writing and concept development/idea;

Production: establishing a budget, recognizing pre-production and film production needs. Journalistic ethics and health and safety;

Directing: basic techniques for image capture, sound and postproduction.

1. Youth and adults

Local radio

Local and international associations

Groups and communities


2. Children:

From 6 to 12

From 12 to 16


Multipurpose room with tables and chairs, a video projector and sound speakers

Computer with Windows Movie Maker

Domestic Camcorders and / or mobile phones capable of image capture

Microphone (optional)

Number of students per workshop

Youth and adults: up to 16 adults

Children: up to 10 children

Training modules
Total training hours: 20 hours

Module 1 (3 hours) The Story – Hands on: writing an interview/reportage from a theme.

Module 2 (6 hours) Camera, Sound, Lighting, Accessories – Hands on: Camera hands on!

Module 3 (3 hours) Pre-Production and Production – Hands on: Production List

Module 4 (8 hours) Filming / Shooting & Post Production – Hands on: Your Reportage

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