Raquel Martins

raquel-siteRaquel is an experienced people-centred, creativity manager and visual thinker, with a strong passion for communication, imagination and human-interactions. She has over 30 years experience in developing design related media content from graphic design, computer generated multi-media special effects, animator, editor, content media developer and a film director/producer. Has managed teams, projects and businesses, she is keen investing her time and skills in projects that allow a mix of creative talent, communications and the potential to inspire and impact in social innovation.
Parallel to her career she has volunteered with charities that championed actions to improve life, in particular for children, people with disabilities or citizens socially excluded.

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Women from the Sea

Mulheres do Mar Cover Page

Women from the Sea is a documentary that reveals the sea that runs in the souls of women, to whom the sea is a way of life. They have in the sea their source of experiences. Their inspiration, their survival, and for all this, they are their great protector. They live by the sea because nowhere else do they call home.

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The Heirs – International Awards

The Heirs Awards_150621Impact Docs Awards


“The Heirs” has won a prestigious Award of Excellence and Award of Merit from The Impact DOCS Awards Competition. The award was given for Help Images exciting documentary, The Heirs which portraits a heart-warming look at an “illegal” neighborhood in Portugal that is being torn down and displacing its community of emigrants from Cape Verde – many have been there for decades. The competition judges commented, The Heirs features skillfully crafted narrative and potent interviews with a focus on fundamental truths and values shared by all humans.

“We are very happy with these awards because we believe they will be a relevant opportunity, at a national and international level, to make known our documentary “The Heirs” and the stories of its protagonists. It was always the main objective of this work and the promise we made to everyone who helped produce this film.” 

Impact DOCS recognizes film, television, videography, and new media professionals who demonstrate exceptional achievement in craft and creativity and those who produce standout entertainment or contribute to profound social change.

Documentaries were received from 30 countries, including veteran award-winning filmmakers and fresh new talent. Entries were judged by highly qualified and award-winning professionals in the film and television industry.


In winning an Impact DOCS award, Help Images joins the ranks of other high-profile winners of this internationally respected award including the Oscar-winning director Louie Psihoyos for his 2016 Best of Show – Racing Extinction, Oscar winner Yael Melamede for (Dis)Honesty – The Truth About Lies, and Emmy Award winner Gerald Rafshoon for Endless Corridors narrated by Oscar winner Jeremy Irons, and many more.

Rick Prickett, who chairs Impact DOCS, had this to say about the latest winners,
“The judges and I were simply blown away by the variety and immensely important documentaries we screened. Impact DOCS is not an easy award to win. Entries are received from around the world from powerhouse companies to remarkable new talent. Impact DOCS helps set the standard for craft and creativity as well as power catalysts for global change. The goal of Impact DOCS is to help winners achieve the recognition they deserve for their dedication and work.”

The Heirs has competed in other international festivals where it has also been recognized, namely in the festivals “Tempus” and “Cathalsis” was a semifinalist and in the festivals “Cine Fern”, “Lime Light Film Contest, “Liberation Docfest“, and “Second Annual Social and Economic Justice Film Festival” was part of the official selection.

To watch the full length documentary follow this Link : The Heirs – Documentary

To download Press Release follow this Link: The Heirs Press-kit

Press related news:


A Nação – https://anacao.cv/2021/02/13/documentario-sobre-a-comunidade-cabo-verdiana-do-bairro-6-maio-na-amadora-ganha-premios-internacionais/

Antena 1 “Há conversa” – https://www.rtp.pt/play/p855/e529834/jose-candeias-ha-conversa

Bantumen – https://www.bantumen.com/2021/02/17/documentario-bairro-6-de-maio/

Centro Social 6 de Maio – https://www.cs6maio.pt

CM Jornal – https://www.cmjornal.pt/cultura/detalhe/20210215-1404-documentario-sobre-o-bairro-6-de-maio-galardoado-em-festival-de-cinema-norte-americano

Notícias ao Minuto – https://www.noticiasaominuto.com/cultura/1690117/documentario-sobre-bairro-6-de-maio-premiado-em-festival-norte-americano

DESTAK – http://www.destak.pt/artigo/467502

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JN – https://www.jn.pt/artes/sejamos-vaidosos-sejamos-laconicos-13350530.html

RTC – https://www.rtc.cv/tcv/video-details?id=17782

RTP África Rumos – https://www.rtp.pt/play/p8263/rumos

RTP Notícias – https://www.rtp.pt/noticias/cultura/documentario-sobre-o-bairro-6-de-maio-galardoado-em-festival-de-cinema-norte-americano_n1297625

RTP Extra – https://media.rtp.pt/extra/noticias/os-herdeiros-do-bairro-documentario-da-rtp-africa-vence-premio-internacional/

SIC Notícias – https://sicnoticias.pt/cultura/2021-02-15-Documentario-sobre-bairro-da-Amadora-galardoado-em-festival-de-cinema-norte-americano

TSF – https://www.tsf.pt/portugal/cultura/documentario-sobre-o-bairro-6-de-maio-galardoado-em-festival-norte-americano-13354197.html

TVI24 – https://tvi24.iol.pt/cinema/premio/documentario-sobre-o-bairro-6-de-maio-galardoado-nos-eua


Escola Azul

On the World Oceans Day 2021, Blue School presented its community with this film that defines so well what we stand for and what this Blue School community (with students, teachers, local communities, partners and municipalities) truly represents. 

This film is for everyone who has come aboard this programme and that continues, every day, to fight for the Ocean.

  • Director and producer : Raquel Martins 
  • Director and DOP: Ricardo Nogueira
  • Camera assistant: Liliana Tábuas;
  • Production assistant: Mafalda Martins;
  • Runner: José Segura;
  • Audio Post- André do Audio – Fast Forward
  • Illustrations – Maria Reis Rocha

Ricardo Nogueira

nuno siteRicardo is always ready for action and his motto in life is “Always look on the bright side of live”. He likes to socialize, to travel, to share experiences, to build emotions and to find solutions.
Ricardo has large audio-visual experience, covering advertising, corporates, video clips, drama, entertainment, sports and promos.
With good communication skills, soon he started to coordinate technical crews from big to micro productions.
He as worked for more than one hundred international production companies as a cameraman and steadicam operator.
He likes to share knowledge and that’s why he teaches at “Restart, arts institute”. He is always looking to learn more so he can improve his skills.
At Help Images he follows projects from concept to deliver, ensuring that Quality/Time/Budget and the fun of developing each project is never compromised.
Helping is part of his DNA, that’s why he´s one of the founders of Help Images.

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This is an excellent tool to learn how to produce audio-visual material that will assist in promoting and reporting events, projects or mission trips.

It is also an opportunity to begin to play a more active role in society through the realization of communication products that can be easily disseminated via social networks and media.


Local reporter (youth and adult)
Mini Reporter (for children up to the age of 16)

1. Learn how to prepare and produce a report. Students are encouraged to work together and with the community, conducting interviews and reviews.
2. Develop basic skills in the areas of:

Creativity: creative writing and concept development/idea;

Production: establishing a budget, recognizing pre-production and film production needs. Journalistic ethics and health and safety;

Directing: basic techniques for image capture, sound and postproduction.

1. Youth and adults

Local radio

Local and international associations

Groups and communities


2. Children:

From 6 to 12

From 12 to 16


Multipurpose room with tables and chairs, a video projector and sound speakers

Computer with Windows Movie Maker

Domestic Camcorders and / or mobile phones capable of image capture

Microphone (optional)

Number of students per workshop

Youth and adults: up to 16 adults

Children: up to 10 children

Training modules
Total training hours: 20 hours

Module 1 (3 hours) The Story – Hands on: writing an interview/reportage from a theme.

Module 2 (6 hours) Camera, Sound, Lighting, Accessories – Hands on: Camera hands on!

Module 3 (3 hours) Pre-Production and Production – Hands on: Production List

Module 4 (8 hours) Filming / Shooting & Post Production – Hands on: Your Reportage

For more information please send us an email

Blue School day

On World Ocean Day, Help Images joined the “Blue School” (Ministry of the Sea) and produced a film reminding us why the sea is so missed!

This film is just a drop from the authentic ocean of fantastic contributions that we received from the incredible community “Escola Azul” spread across Portuguese schools.

Santo Antão Island -“WE know how to stop time “

Promotional film of Santo Antão Island, Cape Verde, in “Turism + Sustainable Development” ADPM project, with the main purpose to promote the sustainable tourism as a tool of revenue generation and improvement of socioeconomic condition on Santo Antão Island

WE know how to stop time – Santo Antão island from Help Images on Vimeo.


  • Directors: Raquel Martins e Ricardo Nogueira
  • Writer: Raquel Martins
  • Photography Director/ Drone Op. : Ricardo Nogueira
  • Camara Assistant: Pedro Cavaco
  • Local Production: ADPM , Santo Antão
  • Voice over:Tó Semedo
  • Original Song: Cordas do Sol
  • Underwater footage: Blue Eden
  • Editing and grading :Social Help
  • Sound Editor: Fast Forward


The Heirs

The documentary has subtitles (CC on player) available in Portuguese, French, English and Spanish

“The Heirs” is a one-hour documentary made in partnership with Social Center 6 de Maio and the inhabitants of an illegal neighborhood on the outskirts of Lisbon. This documentary’s main objective is to preserve the legacy of this community of emigrants from Cape Verde. But it has a more relevant objective: to demonstrate that we all share fundamental values of humanity and a country that we all feel like ours. Raising awareness for minorities, that are part of the social framework of international cities worldwide, is the mission of this documentary, a mission that is shared by Help Images and the Social Center 6 de Maio.

The Heirs from Help Images on Vimeo.

  • Scrip: Raquel Martins
  • Directors: Ricardo Nogueira & Raquel Martins
  • Production: Raquel Martins 
  • Production Assistant: Mafalda Martins
  • DOP: Ricardo Nogueira
  • Camera assistant: Liliana Tábuas
  • Sound recordist: Paulo Cerveira
  • Gaffer: Vítor Rodrigues
  • Assistants: Adriano Siruteu, Tomás Martins, Vasco Fernandes
  • Edit and color grading : Ricardo Nogueira
  • Grafic design: Diogo Chaveiro, Mafalda Martins, Raquel Martins
  • Motion Graphics: Diogo Chaveiro
  • Sound mixing: André Duarte
  • Voice over: Tó Semedo
  • Still photographer: Rosa Reis
  • English translation: Raquel Martins e Sofia Rosado
  • French translation: Fátima Seabra e Teresa Leal
  • Spanish translation: Kattia Hernandez e Irmã Ruana
  • Original soundtrack : Solitude, Whimsical, Speculative, Rima Banya, Alternative facts & Passe Compose by David Hilowitz, “Choro by” Lura & “Terra’L” by Lura & Michel Montrond 

Anorexia is not a fad

Our film aims at children, teenagers, and their families, and it was produced to alert and demystify Anorexia Nervosa: the eating disorder with the highest mortality rate. This film intends to bring awareness to the behaviours associated with this disorder: to promote empathy and understanding, encourage well-being and healthy lifestyles.

When approaching this topic, we want to promote awareness and social responsibility in general. Anorexia Nervosa is a serious mental health condition difficult to understand and recognize. An early diagnosis is crucial for a quick recovery. The faster the return to an adaptive trajectory, the less crystallized the problematic behaviour becomes.

 Thanks to this film we have the opportunity to approach Anorexia Nervosa in school communities through visual media, stimulating an enlightening and prejudice-free debate afterward. Clarifying this topic, especially amongst teens and their families, will increase understanding and support amongst peers and the early identification of Eating and Ingestion Disorders.


There Isn’t a Planet B!

What planet do we want to live on today, 10, 30, 100 years from now?
We believe that we all want to be present in a responsible, healthy and sustainable future.
Now and ever, what we do today will impact tomorrow.
There is no time for us to wait for a plan B, alternative and
miraculous. The decision belongs to all of us and it has to be made today.


  • Directors and Producers: Ricardo Nogueira
 e Raquel Martins
  • Script: Help Images
  • Editing: Help Images
  • Motion Graphics: Light Film
  • Music:  Audio Jungle-“Animation Movie” by MusicRays
  • Audio Post: Fast Forward
  • Voice over: Nilton 

Partnerships for a sustainable world

This is our world! The world we want to share with future generations. Its everyone’s responsibility to take action, in a concerted, global and urgent response to the planet’s sustainable development  The 2030 Agenda seeks to address these concerns on a comprehensive and truly universal way,  based on 17 Sustainable Development Goals These goals are each and everyone’s responsibility – to reach them we need to work together as

Keep reading Partnerships for a sustainable world


“MDM Mood” was produced and directed by HELP IMAGES. This film introduces the work of Doctors of the World Portugal in an inspiring and creative way, that is emotional and captivating to any audience.
This film is a journey that takes us through the many projects developed by Doctors of the World using their image bank of photographs, from many countries and cultures.
As we travel, we become familiar with the characters, scenarios and many projects that give life to Doctors of the World every day.



Short Promo “I love 2 help”

“I ♥2 Help” takes no longer than one hour and an average of 30 short films will be screened over 30 to 45 minutes. During the remaining time a panel discussion will take place; the audience and guests from organizations represented in the movies shown have the opportunity to exchange ideas, comments and suggestions.
We believe this is a great opportunity to show social awareness films to a wider and dedicated audience.


Scholarship Program – Cooperation

“Scholarship Program – Cooperation”, film produced regarding the reception ceremony for Portuguese Cooperation scholarship holders and the presentation of the new university scholarship program of Camões, I.P.

  • Production and direction: Ricardo Nogueira
 e Raquel Martins
  • DOP: Ricardo Nogueira
  • Camera assist: Liliana Tábuas e Mafalda Martins
  • Footage from Lisbon: Help Images
  • Sound: Paulo Cerveira
  • Footage from PALOP and Timor-Leste: RTP 
  • Video editing: Help Images
  • Arquive Footage: RTP
  • Sound Mix: Help Images & Fast Forward
  • Voice Over: José Neves 
  • Music: Audiojungle

AMI – 30 Years

In the last 30 years AMI has been present in more than seventy countries through humanitarian missions that have helped populations during and after natural catastrophes, war conflicts and any other situation when human lives have been at risk. This film uses a mixture of live action and animation to bring to live the projects and mission of AMI, celebrating 30 years of a constant and undoubtedly objective to fight against indifference and intolerance all over the world.
Keep reading AMI – 30 Years

Teresa Leal

Teresa holds a Translatoion Degree and she is an active freelancer in the audiovisual industry, having worked with Portuguese and foreign producers in film, advertising and television.
Human rights and the environment have always been an integral part of her life, and she believes that traveling is also a way to better learn to respect each other.
From the first moment Teresa has collaborated with Help Images with great enthusiasm, she participated in film production and project development

Catarina Mota

catarunamota2Catarina is a very outgoing person who loves challenges and is always to be found in a good mood.
Her biggest challenge and greatest passion are her three kids. She is always searching for her place in the world.
Catarina has always worked in marketing and communication, most recently specializing in social responsibility and the third sector. She is a board member at Casa da Estrela, a foster home for children and young girls.
Catarina loves volunteering and believes that we are all responsible for making our world a better place. She does not like bad moods and unwilling attitudes.
She is a frim believer in Richard Wagner’s motto: “Joy is not in things; it is in us”

Pedro Emauz

emauzWith years of experience as a camera operator and lighting cameraman, Pedro has worked on a diverse range of projects, from documentaries to promos and TV shows, music videos, corporate films and commercials.

Pedro has hands-on knowledge of most digital camera systems available on the market, in every format, be it Raw, Log or Rec709 gamma capture.

Pedro is at home on low-budget indie projects, where creative improvisation and out-of-the-box thinking are a must, as well as in leading larger, more “traditional” crews on bigger productions, always working with the director to capture his/her vision.
Pedro will travel the globe to deliver the best pictures for his clients.

Maria João Resende

maria joao resendeRelentlessly optimistic, good humored but a bit annoying, timidly distant, likes challenges, believes that the world is what we make of it, and she is sure we can do much more and much better. João doesn’t like to hear ‘No’, and she thinks it is always possible to find the way to get “there” no matter where ‘there’ really is. Likes to do things well and quickly, and to find solutions to everything. Often can!

Filomena Santos Silva

Filomena-Santos-SilvaFiló – Filomena Santos Silva – Educational Psychologist, currently working in three different places with different responsibilities: at the Family Cooperation Centre, Nursery and Kindergarten «O Botãozinho» (The Little Button) in Carcavelos, where it is her responsibility to mediate with families and children answering their educational needs, assisting in the overall pedagogic coordination of the school and overseeing internships in psychology and special education; she has her own psychology centre Psi Intervene – Psycho-Educational Intervention Centre – where she is the senior psychologist, and she is also the educational coordinator of a magazine called Children’s Stuff.

She previously worked as a psychologist at various institutions, and was responsible for numerous training activities, workshops and courses in psychology and education and was a ‘psychogenesis of Mathematics’ teacher at the School of Early Childhood Educators (ESEI) Maria Ulrich.

João Gaspar

joao resendeJoão experienced working in several film departments – camera and lighting – before starting his own company for stunts and action scenes, where he coordinates action sceens and works has a stunt; thus joining the most enjoyable activities for João: cinema and climbing / physical activity.
Throughout his career he has participated in more than 350 films in film, television, advertising and entertainment, in Portugal and abroad.
Collaborates with Help Images in lighting and technical production

Ricardo Martins

ricardo-martinsRicardo has extensive experience in the financial sector particularly in the area of investment management, where he held various roles over the last 20 years. Head of Investments since 2004 in Previsão SGFP, a Portugal Telecom Group company, is responsible for formulating and implementing policies and investment strategies for the pension funds of the group.
He is a member of several investment committees and has an extensive international network in the financial area.
Before joining Previsão he worked as information systems consultant at Accenture.
Ricardo is a graduate in Economics from ISEG and took several specialization courses and training activities, mainly in the financial area.
He has sound knowledge of economics and financial markets, high ethical standards, strong leadership and good communication skills.
His involvement with the activity of the third sector began in 2008, following the challenge by the other founders of Help Images, to help developing the concept and strategic planning.



Help Images is a not for profit organisation that was set up in 2008 with the aim of providing social awareness in communities through the production of dedicated media content.

We work with charities, NGOs and other not for profit organisations in raising their profiles, leverage fundraising and to increase volunteering across the world.

At Help Images we are a team of communication experts and filmmakers. We believe that by helping promote visibility for NGOs, and other not for profit organisations, and their projects, we are fulfilling our mission – to show the world how individuals and organizations are changing the lives of people in need by making their lives better, happier and more complete.

I Love 2 Help


“I ♥2 Help” The Help Social Awareness film festival is an International and national screening of advertising, fiction and documentary films.
The main purpose of the festival is to showcase quality films and campaigns on social development and awareness, and environmental responsibility.
This is an opportunity to become conscious of the power these films and campaigns have in engaging communities and leveraging their activity. 
The variety and length of these films allows for a large number of organizations, films and projects to be presented, at the same time inspiring and raising awareness in the audience.

We have shown our film festival at schools, universities and public social/cultural events; always with a formal introduction and a panel discussion afterwards.

“I ♥2 Help” takes no longer than one hour and an average of 15 to 20 short films will be screened over 30 minutes. During the remaining time a panel discussion will take place; the audience and guests from organizations represented in the movies shown have the opportunity to exchange ideas, comments and suggestions.

We believe this is a great opportunity to show social awareness films to a wider and dedicated audience.

For more information please send us an email




Tanja Wesseles

tanjafinalTanja studied filmmaking and after a childhood spent growing up in different parts of the world it never crossed her mind to stop moving.
When the opportunity to discover an unfamiliar culture through the making of a documentary presented itself there was no hesitation and that is when she spent 4 years living in Cambodia, in the process, understanding that when nothing makes sense- everything does.
Soon leaving Lisbon to move to Macau/ Hong Kong, the desire to be part of the international development movement is never far- and that is where Help Images and Tanja meet

Liliana Tábuas

liliLiliana is Psychologist and has worked for 7 years in the social intervention. With the desire to merge her knowledge in Psychology with her passion for communication area, she finished the Course of Camera and Illumination. One of its professionals goals is to use the synergy that comes from both areas in order to support and disseminate the work of other professionals and institutions.
She also believes in the importance of the intervention with the young people, and she dedicated part of their time training in the area of affections in early childhood and promoting gender equality.

Liliana loves new challenges and to be involved in projects that make the difference in a positive way. She feel privileged to contribute to a better world.

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Georgina Martins

geoGeorgina has been an economist for three decades; she is always committed and devoted to developing solidarity projects.
For her being part of Help Images is above all a chance to share knowledge and innovative experiences, an opportunity to work with a very determined, creative and socially responsible team… What more is there to say?
The best you can do is join in and team up too.

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“NaturFun, o Eco Social Portal”
The Naturfun website promotes and sells products and services environmentally safe at lower prices and shares its profits with charities and the customers of the website.
Naturfun acts in the three different pillars of sustainability: environment, society and economy.
Follow this link enjoy and share it with your friends.

  • Produced & Directed by: Ricardo Nogueira & Raquel Martins
  • Script: Help Images
  • Video Editing: Help Images
  • Sound Editing: Facilidades e Filmes
  • Motion Graphics: Jit Chowdhury
  • Voice Over: José Neves
  • Raquel Martins
  • Francisco Lança
  • Carlota Nobre






Cascais Market gained new life when MOVEMENTO DOS AFECTOS organized a surprise event, adding colour and joy to the existing array of different sights and activities abound in the market stalls.

The FLASH MOB “your hug and your kisses are the best for me” aimed to alert parents to the importance of showing affection towards their children, promoting more ‘cuddles’ in the lives of these little beings who need to feel loved by their parents.

With a song that is well known to all Portuguese people, “Sailor’s Life” was adapted for this movement, 50 dancers performed and spread affection to all those shopping at the market that morning. Some even dared to participate … at the end everyone took flowers home as well as an important reminder: cuddles, one can never have too many!

  • Produced & Directed by: Ricardo Nogueira & Raquel Martins
  • Camera men: Ricardo Nogueira, Duarte Teixeira, Miguel Manso, Tanja Wessel
  • Original Music: “Vida de Marinheiro” de João Aguadela (Sitiados)
  • Cover: Emanuel Vieira
  • New lirics: Lígia Nogueira
  • Choreography: Susana Mil-Homens
  • Dance Studio: Design Art


“All good students” is an inspiring and informative film that takes us through the work developed by EPIS over the last five years. During the event “Rota das Vocações” that took place in Lisbon, 50 students from all the country got together for a special week. It was when we met Joana, a young girl who told us her success story. She is one of the students taking part in a program designed by EPIS to help and support students having problems during their academic years (from 7th grade). “all good students” tells us Joana’s story and introduces us to the teachers, family members, and mentors involved, as well as the methodology they apply. This film reflects the spirit of EPIS and its programs, always emphasizing people’s emotions, joyfulness, and achievements.


Floresta Unida – “Today we are going to plant trees”

This is a film about a re-forestation event at Lousã, a mountain east of the centre of Portugal. This event was undertaken by FLORESTA UNIDA (United Forest Organization) and involved more than 1000 volunteers from several different companies and entities.

During the event volunteers planted 30.000 new trees in two days, taking another step towards FLORESTA UNIDA’s major goal: To plant 400.000.000 trees before 2030

  • Produced & Directed by: Ricardo Nogueira & Raquel Martins
  • Cameraman: Ricardo Nogueira & Paulo Lopes
  • Camera Assistant: Carlos Peixe
  • Production Assistant: Georgina Martins
  • Original Score: Francisco Fialho
  • Video Editing: Help Images
  • Sound Editing: Francisco Fialho
  • Graphics: Help Images


Filme inspiracional e informativo que de uma forma emocional retrata o trabalho desenvolvido pela EPIS nos últimos 5 anos. Seguindo a Rota das Vocações que se desenrola em Lisboa com a presença de 50 jovens de todo o país encontramos a Joana que através da sua experiencia na primeira pessoa nos conta um caso real e de sucesso do programa “TODOS BONS ALUNOS” da EPIS para o segundo ciclo. Com este fio condutor vamos conhecendo todos os intervenientes dos projetos EPIS e a sua metodologia.

Sempre com a tónica nas emoções, nos sucessos e na alegria este filme é um espelho do espírito EPIS e dos seus programas.

  • Produzido e Realizado por: Ricardo Nogueira e Raquel Martins
  • Camâra: Ricardo Nogueira
  • Captação de Som: Luis Mutrena (Max)
  • Edição de video: Help Images
  • Motion Graphics: Help Images


This film takes place in an area invaded by Mimosa, Acacia Dealbata, an Australian species that was introduced to Portugal over a century ago and which has since developed and adapted very well to the conditions in our country.
It is currently one of the worst invasive species in Portugal, dispersed throughout the whole territory.
Floresta Unida takes us through the main procedures for the clearance of this invasive species and helps us prevent its spread.

  • Produced & Directed by: Ricardo Nogueira & Raquel Martins
  • Cameraman: Ricardo Nogueira
  • Camera assistant: Carlos Peixe
  • Production assistant: Georgina Martins
  • Video editing : Help Images
  • Graphics: Help Images


In this film Floresta Unida teaches us how to plant trees in a fun way, but still following the main rules that guarantee healthy growing trees while respecting all the necessary health and safety regulations.
Gustavo wants to plant a tree called Walli and he is counting on David and the Forest’s help. … as we learn throughout this film, we can always count on help from the Forest, because THE FOREST GIVES US EVERYTHING!

  • Produced & Directed by: Ricardo Nogueira & Raquel Martins
  • Cameraman: Ricardo Nogueira
  • Camera assistant: Carlos Peixe
  • Production assistant: Georgina Martins
  • Video editing : Help Images
  • Graphics: Help Images


floresta unida – FIRE PREVENTION

This film explains, with simple and direct, language what must be done to protect your home from wildfires.

It also offers tips and easy to follow directions if your house is exposed to fire.

And please don’t forget: call 112 in case of a fire.


  • Produced & Directed by: Ricardo Nogueira & Raquel Martins
  • Cameraman: Ricardo Nogueira
  • Camera Assistant: Carlos Peixe
  • Production Assistant: Georgina Martins
  • Video Editing: Help Images
  • Sound Editing: Help Images
  • Graphics: Help Images


TTV Spot for the fundraising campaign to purchase a boiler to heat water for the baths of 45 girls who live at Casa da Estrela.

We are very happy because the girls at Casa da Estrela are now having warm baths.

  • Produced & Directed by: Ricardo Nogueira & Raquel Martins
  • Script: Help Images
  • Video Editing: Help Images
  • Sound Editing: Facilidades e Filmes
  • Motion Graphics: Help Images
  • Voice Over: Madalena Martins

Institute for Child Support -MAKING OURSELVES HEARD

Children’s rights are the theme for this movie made under the project “MAKING OURSELVES HEARD” developed by the “Instituto de Apoio à Criança” (Institute for Child Support) during the European Year to Combat Poverty and Social Exclusion.

During the activities with the children that have joined the project from all over the country, we filmed interviews, initiatives and new friendships. Throughout the project, these children shared their life experience and learned new tools to grow healthy and in harmony within their community.

  • Produced & Directed by: Ricardo Nogueira & Raquel Martins
  • Sound Recording: Paulo Cerveira & Rui Canhoto
  • Post Production: Help Images

International Alert – “VULNERABLE VOICES”

VULNERABLE VOICES: Strengthening Democratic Participation in Sao Tome and Principe.

In 2007, International Alert and partners, UNICEF and UNDP, established the first community radios in Sao Tome and Principe, supported by the United Nations Democratic Fund (UNDEF).

Located in two of the country’s most deprived and isolated regions and introduced at a time when the country is entering a new and challenging phase as a potential oil producer, the purpose of the radio stations is to empower, inform and give a voice to local communities, and to enhance their participation in democratic processes.



Graphic design and production of a poster for Batoto Yeto Portugal, on the event of their annual “International Batoto Yeto Day”.

  • Graphic Design: Romeu Peitinho @ Cerebralidades
  • Production: Help Images
  • Printing – Roll Up: Cubo Fresco
  • Printing – Poster: BBL


Graphic design and production of a triptych roll-up for Batoto Yeto Portugal, on the event of their annual “International Batoto Yeto Day”.

  • Graphic Design: Romeu Peitinho @ Cerebralidades
  • Produção: Help Images
  • Printing – Roll Up: Cubo Fresco
  • Printing – Poster: BBL




CASA DAS CORES is a house full of colour, a safe haven for children aged between 3 and 12 years, temporarily living apart from their families. “Casa das Cores is blue, blue is the colour of the sky. It’s my favorite colour; even my bath towel is blue!” With this movie we want to bring awareness and inspire participation in this project. “I love pink! I have a little dog that is pink and very sweet.” We want to invite you to visit our house, to meet the children and the staff. To learn what their favorite colours are! “I prefer purple. I have a purple dress, that is my favorite”. We believe that, with your support, we can keep adding colours to our house! We hope to keep it a caring and cheerful home for children.


  • Produced & Directed by:Ricardo Nogueira e Raquel Martins
  • DOP: Pedro Emauz
  • Sound recording:: Luís Mutrena e Pacheco
  • Camera Assistant: Luís Gomes
  • Gaffer:: Manuel Santos
  • Ass Produce: Carlos Peixe
  • Original Score: Nuno Rodrigues
  • Children’s choir: As Estrelinhas da Charneca
  • Video Editing: CEE
  • Audio Editing : Facilidades e Filmes
  • Motion Graphics: Isabel Cruz
  • Grips & Light equipment by: Smiling



In Sao Tome and Principe Medicos do Mundo Portugal, a Portuguese NGO, has a team of local people motivated and dedicated to informing the local population about HIV.Every day they walk the streets of STP talking to everyone about how HIV can be prevented, what the real problems are and how they can get help and information.This film follows the daily routine of this team on the day they are welcoming a new member of staff from Portugal.

  • Directed and produced by: Ricardo Nogueira & Raquel Martins
  • DOP: Miguel Manso
  • Video Editing & Grading: Pedro Emauz
  • Sound Editing: Francisco Fialho

Over the Wall – Laughter is the best medicine

Having fun is what these summer camps are all about… “Over The Wall is a very special place for children who are affected by serious or life limiting illnesses”.

This film is a short peek at the joy and excitement of being at camp. We talk to volunteers, the medical team, parents and the kids… they are all unanimous, being at camp is a wonderful experience.

Paul Newman, founder of The Hole in the Wall summer Camps used to say… “LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE”.

  • Produced & Directed by: Ricardo Nogueira & Raquel Martins
  • Sound: Paul Stadden & Oliver
  • Ass Director: João Sarmento
  • Make Up: Gemma Field
  • Camera Equipment: Edit Haven
  • Post Production Video: Salon, CEE, Pix Mix
  • Post Audio: Skills Studio


“400 Million Trees” was a major event undertaken by Floresta Unida in Lousã, north of Portugal. At this event seventy thousand trees were protected. These trees were planted in 2007 and 2010 with the support of sponsors and volunteers.

“This goal is one that belongs to a larger global objective which is to plant 400 million trees with 30 years of sustainability. This goal is only possible with your presence, with the presence of all and it is that presence that will allow us to take care of the future.” David Lopes – Floresta Unida

  • Produced & Directed by: Ricardo Nogueira & Raquel Martins
  • Cameraman: Ricardo Nogueira
  • Camera assistant: Duarte Teixeira
  • Video Editing: Help Images
  • Graphics: Help Images

Portuguese Institute for Development Support – DEVELOPMENT AWARD

Help Images was responsible for the graphic design, the drafting of competition regulations and selecting the jury for the first – DEVELOPMENT AWARD sponsored by IPAD – Portuguese Institute for Development Support.

Help Images was responsible for the graphic design, the drafting of competition regulations and selecting the jury for the first – DEVELOPMENT AWARD sponsored by IPAD – Portuguese Institute for Development Support.


premio-do-desenvolvimento (1)

AMI – Away from the shadow

At AMI (International Medical Assistance) social service centres and shelters those in need can find food, shelter, medical and home assistance, job hunting support and legal advice. But that’s not all; most importantly they can find the strength, the self-respect and the support they need to improve their lives in a kind and understanding environment, where they are always welcomed.

This short film reveals AMI’s work in Portugal through a day in the life of one man, who is at a point in time where he needs the assistance and support of social services. More than the services, this film is about humanity, giving special attention to relationships between the technical staff, the volunteers and the people who benefit from these services.

Produced & Directed by: Ricardo Nogueira & Raquel Martins
Production Manager: Teresa Leal
Script: Maria João Resende
DOP: Pedro Emauz
Sound recording: Francisco Almeida
Camera assistant: Lisa Persson
Gaffer: Padi
Ass Producer: Manuela Ribas & Sandra Bogalho
Accountant: Georgina Simões
Original Sound track: Marco Miranda (M-PEX)
Video Editing: Help Images
Sound Editing: Artur @ Skills studio
Motion Graphics: André @ Facilidades e Filmes
Color Grading: Paulo Américo
Still Photographer: Victor Santos
Grips & Light equipment by: Smiling
Camera: Gil Cabugueira
Lenses: Gripman
Sound: Filmebase
Smoke machine: Rui Alves




For Organizations/Individuals sponsoring HELP IMAGES and our projects we offer:

– High quality media visibility, namely through social responsibility and brand awareness,
– Low cost-high quality production,
– Tax benefits.



We welcome volunteers who want to join us on a particular project or to be part of our mission.

Let us know your skills in audio-visual and communication and we will add you to our network of professionals that regularly work with us.



IBAN – PT50 0010 0000 4234 6920 0013 5



Our society is increasingly influenced by the Media, which through mass communication chooses what to show us of the world, leaving us with mixed feelings of guilt and helplessness, which paralyzes and discourages us.

We have a lack of new leaders who believe in us and in whom we can believe. New social leaders are a necessity and part of the solution. They are people who, through their creative ability and perseverance, overcame social problems and obstacles and improved their quality of life and that of their community.
We need to hear the stories of those who are already changing the world and to believe that we too can be a part of this change.

Inspired by these examples, we will become New Social Leaders.

The concept

Inspire new leaders through real life stories, where people through their creativity, will power and determination managed to overcome problems and obstacles, improving their quality of life and that of their community.

We believe

Good examples act as catalysts for good deeds.
Others influence us with their actions and achievements. The power of a good example is stronger than duty or obedience. Inspiration leads us to dream, to believe that we are able to change our life for the better, we can resolve our problems and that ultimately we deserve to be happy.

The campaign – spreading success stories around the world
Produce a series of four short film episodes, up to 22 minutes in length, on different topics (health, water, human rights, housing, energy, youth), where true stories of real people, who did extraordinary things, are told first hand.
Distribute these series’ worldwide with support of a major broadcaster and web channels.

The Training – inspiring new storytellers

Training local people in developing countries where we will be filming. The film crew will carry out workshops that will always take place before production actually starts. The aim is to leverage the technical skills of Help Images’ crew on the ground to train local people for free. We also want to establish ties with the community through training, before the filming begins.

Areas of training

Directly linked to audiovisual production and direction (for local reporters, local radio and television, young people).
Project management, foreign languages, mathematics, etc. (and any other specific skills the assigned crew may have)
What we seek

Lots of Stories!
people who identify success stories that deserve to be told and that will have a clear and inspiring worldwide effect..

New Members
people with film, production and storytelling skills. Or any others who want to join Help Images and support our “inspiring new leaders” movement.

contacts with multinationals in order to raise funds for training and film production. Fundraisers will receive a commission percentage on funds raised.

New partners
contacts with local organizations that support the logistics involved in film production and training.

For more information send us an email



By delivering audiovisual training and equipment to dedicated staff at well-established local radio (LR) stations (the main vehicle for independent mass communication in developing countries), our project will have a local structure and privileged access to first-hand stories.

This is true because LARs (Local Aid Reporters), being one of them, will speak their language and breathe their culture. Since there are Local Radios in many developing countries, we can easily replicate this model: train a LAR and establish a long-term relationship to periodically receive video content from every surrounding community impacted by aid and development projects.

For each successfully trained LAR we will assign a top international journalist to become their coach. We believe this emotional bond will engage not only the LAR and coach, but also the LAR and the coach’s audience.

We want to create a new and unconventional “World Aid News Agency” (WANA) dedicated to aid and development news. WANA will have a business model based on a not-for-profit approach, where the sustainability of the organization and every LAR is safeguarded.

On one hand WANA will be unique because it will have the support of a European established NGO with dedicated staff (experts in media for development and mass communication) ready to edit and format stories, sent by LARs. They will be producing appealing content for general audiences in developed countries and distributing them for free through mass communication channels on multi-platforms (video casts, social games, International NGO sites, social media, news agencies, etc.).

On the other hand, WANA will apply a creative fair trade policy when producing requested data and video content for specific clients: international NGOs, humanitarian organizations, broadcasters, academic institutions and sponsors.

For more information please send us an email


how can we help

We work in partnership with charities, public bodies, NGOs and Not For Profit organizations, giving them visibility, enhancing fundraising activities and volunteering around the world, as well as promoting their objectives and projects.

At the same time, we promote a social awareness film festival and we deliver specialized training in different areas of communication for development.

How we do it

We produce media content for the 3rd sector in a cost effective manner.
Projects vary in size and scope; we start by helping to identify organization´s media needs.

Our services range from liaising with clients to develop initial concepts through to final content production.
We work in a variety of formats including documentaries, advertising campaigns, corporate videos, television series and talk shows. All formats accommodate the individual needs of the charity, its distribution and budget.

Our business model is developed on a flexible organisation with a cost effective approach.

Our team has professional media consultancy and production experience having worked with major television studios and experience working in the 3rd sector.
We regularly outsource to voluntary or low cost personnel and our wide range of media contacts helps distribute the media content that is produced.

Working with the highest level professionals and equipment, our experience in everything from advertising to film has taught us the importance of good communication with our clients, as well as our commitment to our audience.

When it comes to the production of content, the client is involved in the entire process with the responsibility of the message left firmly in their hands. Our role is to get that message across.


In São Tomé e Principe the International NGO AMI often undergoes deworming campaigns in local schools. This documentary tells the story of a little girl who, together with her schoolmates, has collected money to provide for a deworming campaign in STP.

Produced & Directed by: Ricardo Nogueira & Raquel Martins
Sound recording: Miguel Manso
Video Editing: Pix Mix
Sound Editing: Pix Mix

Luis Rochartre

Rochartre site b

Luis is an executive with 30+ years of experience in the profit and non-profit sectors, forest and forest industries, sustainability, defense industries, consulting and general management.
Forestry Engineer from UTAD and postgraduate degree in Sustainability from Stanford and Harvard Universities. Partner at NBI – Natural Business Intelligence. Senior Member of the Order of Engineers; Member of the Portuguese Society of Forest Sciences; Member of the Board of Stakeholders of CITAB – University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro; Member of the Board of Montis – Nature Conservation Association; Founder and Executive Director The Natural Step Portugal. Hatch Colab Geneva Mentor. Advisory at Planetiers World Gathering and Zero Emissions World.
He has been a fellow associate with Help Images since 2008, always available to search for solutions, financial support, and creative ideas toward our mission and projects.

Ajuda de berço – 10 years

Celebrating 10 years AJUDA DE BERÇO (Help in the Crib) takes us on a journey to meet the organization and to share the testimonies of people who made this project possible over the years. We will also meet a child who is a living successful outcome of this institution.

Taking advantage of the various stages of a child’s life and drawing parallels with the evolution and work of the institution over the past 10 years, in this film the story unfolds in five segments, all illustrated with spontaneous and gracious testimonies of people who are staff and friends of AJUDA DE BERÇO

Directed and produced by :Ricardo Nogueira & Raquel Martins
DOP: Miguel Manso
Gaffer: José Rato
Assistance Producer : Carlos Peixe
Post Production :Facilidades e Filmes
Music by Raimond Lap