How we do it

We produce media content for the 3rd sector in a cost effective manner.
Projects vary in size and scope; we start by helping to identify organization´s media needs.

Our services range from liaising with clients to develop initial concepts through to final content production.
We work in a variety of formats including documentaries, advertising campaigns, corporate videos, television series and talk shows. All formats accommodate the individual needs of the charity, its distribution and budget.

Our business model is developed on a flexible organisation with a cost effective approach.

Our team has professional media consultancy and production experience having worked with major television studios and experience working in the 3rd sector.
We regularly outsource to voluntary or low cost personnel and our wide range of media contacts helps distribute the media content that is produced.

Working with the highest level professionals and equipment, our experience in everything from advertising to film has taught us the importance of good communication with our clients, as well as our commitment to our audience.

When it comes to the production of content, the client is involved in the entire process with the responsibility of the message left firmly in their hands. Our role is to get that message across.