Raquel Martins

Raquel is an experienced people-centred, creativity manager and visual thinker, with a strong passion for communication, imagination and human-interactions. She has over 30 years experience in developing design related media content from graphic design, computer generated multi-media special effects, animator, editor, content media developer and a film director/producer. Has managed … Continue reading Raquel Martins

Ricardo Nogueira

Ricardo is always ready for action and his motto in life is “Always look on the bright side of live”. He likes to socialize, to travel, to share experiences, to build emotions and to find solutions. Ricardo has large audio-visual experience, covering advertising, corporates, video clips, drama, entertainment, sports and … Continue reading Ricardo Nogueira

Teresa Leal

Teresa holds a Translatoion Degree and she is an active freelancer in the audiovisual industry, having worked with Portuguese and foreign producers in film, advertising and television. Human rights and the environment have always been an integral part of her life, and she believes that traveling is also a way … Continue reading Teresa Leal

Luis Rochartre

Luis holds a Forestry Degree from UTAD in Portugal and postgraduate Studies in Sustainability at Stanford Graduate School of Business and Harvard Business School. He has extensive experience working on sustainability, forest and forest industries, defense industries, executive search and management. He was director of the World Business Council for … Continue reading Luis Rochartre