Ronald McDonald Foundation – Portugal

Ronald McDonald Houses and Spaces are forever in the heart of all the families they have welcomed. This foundation ensures that when a family, with a child undergoing hospital treatment, needs a home away from home, its doors are always open to welcome them. (English subtitles available in the viewer)

Escola Azul

On the World Oceans Day 2021, Blue School presented its community with this film that defines so well what we stand for and what this Blue School community (with students, teachers, local communities, partners and municipalities) truly represents.  This film is for everyone who has come aboard this programme and … Continue reading Escola Azul

Blue School day

On World Ocean Day, Help Images joined the “Blue School” (Ministry of the Sea) and produced a film reminding us why the sea is so missed! This film is just a drop from the authentic ocean of fantastic contributions that we received from the incredible community “Escola Azul” spread across … Continue reading Blue School day

The Heirs

The documentary has subtitles (CC on player) available in Portuguese, French, English and Spanish “The Heirs” is a one-hour documentary made in partnership with Social Center 6 de Maio and the inhabitants of an illegal neighborhood on the outskirts of Lisbon. This documentary’s main objective is to preserve the legacy of this … Continue reading The Heirs

Anorexia is not a fad

Our film aims at children, teenagers, and their families, and it was produced to alert and demystify Anorexia Nervosa: the eating disorder with the highest mortality rate. This film intends to bring awareness to the behaviours associated with this disorder: to promote empathy and understanding, encourage well-being and healthy lifestyles. … Continue reading Anorexia is not a fad


“MDM Mood” was produced and directed by HELP IMAGES. This film introduces the work of Doctors of the World Portugal in an inspiring and creative way, that is emotional and captivating to any audience. This film is a journey that takes us through the many projects developed by Doctors of … Continue reading MDM – “MOOD”

Scholarship Program – Cooperation

“Scholarship Program – Cooperation”, film produced regarding the reception ceremony for Portuguese Cooperation scholarship holders and the presentation of the new university scholarship program of Camões, I.P. Production and direction: Ricardo Nogueira
 e Raquel Martins DOP: Ricardo Nogueira Camera assist: Liliana Tábuas e Mafalda Martins Footage from Lisbon: Help Images Sound: Paulo … Continue reading Scholarship Program – Cooperation

AMI – 30 Years

In the last 30 years AMI has been present in more than seventy countries through humanitarian missions that have helped populations during and after natural catastrophes, war conflicts and any other situation when human lives have been at risk. This film uses a mixture of live action and animation to … Continue reading AMI – 30 Years


“All good students” is an inspiring and informative film that takes us through the work developed by EPIS over the last five years. During the event “Rota das Vocações” that took place in Lisbon, 50 students from all the country got together for a special week. It was when we … Continue reading EPIS INSTITUTIONAL


Try changing means of transport and who knows, your life might change… Modal Alternation.   Produced & Directed by: Ricardo Nogueira & Raquel Martins Co-Directed and Animation: Nuno Amorim Video Editing: Animais Sound Editing and effects: Artur @ Skills Original score: David Rossi [Show slideshow]

AMI – Away from the shadow

At AMI (International Medical Assistance) social service centres and shelters those in need can find food, shelter, medical and home assistance, job hunting support and legal advice. But that’s not all; most importantly they can find the strength, the self-respect and the support they need to improve their lives in … Continue reading AMI – Away from the shadow


In São Tomé e Principe the International NGO AMI often undergoes deworming campaigns in local schools. This documentary tells the story of a little girl who, together with her schoolmates, has collected money to provide for a deworming campaign in STP. Produced & Directed by: Ricardo Nogueira & Raquel Martins Sound … Continue reading AMI – LETTER FROM DANIELA


Solidarity Adventure Mission is an AMI project, whose theme is “Traveling Against Indifference”, showing the world as it is. Instead of tourists, there are adventurers; volunteers ready to dedicate their days of leisure to a humanitarian activity in the most inhospitable and remote places