Ricardo Nogueira

nuno siteRicardo is always ready for action and his motto in life is “Always look on the bright side of live”. He likes to socialize, to travel, to share experiences, to build emotions and to find solutions.
Ricardo has large audio-visual experience, covering advertising, corporates, video clips, drama, entertainment, sports and promos.
With good communication skills, soon he started to coordinate technical crews from big to micro productions.
He as worked for more than one hundred international production companies as a cameraman and steadicam operator.
He likes to share knowledge and that’s why he teaches at “Restart, arts institute”. He is always looking to learn more so he can improve his skills.
At Help Images he follows projects from concept to deliver, ensuring that Quality/Time/Budget and the fun of developing each project is never compromised.
Helping is part of his DNA, that’s why he´s one of the founders of Help Images.

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