Santo Antão Island -“WE know how to stop time “

Promotional film of Santo Antão Island, Cape Verde, in “Turism + Sustainable Development” ADPM project, with the main purpose to promote the sustainable tourism as a tool of revenue generation and improvement of socioeconomic condition on Santo Antão Island

WE know how to stop time – Santo Antão island from Help Images on Vimeo.


  • Directors: Raquel Martins e Ricardo Nogueira
  • Writer: Raquel Martins
  • Photography Director/ Drone Op. : Ricardo Nogueira
  • Camara Assistant: Pedro Cavaco
  • Local Production: ADPM , Santo Antão
  • Voice over:Tó Semedo
  • Original Song: Cordas do Sol
  • Underwater footage: Blue Eden
  • Editing and grading :Social Help
  • Sound Editor: Fast Forward