BELONGING – Celebrate and Value Diversity

This film communicates the importance of belonging and diversity by representing different human interactions with different types of beans that culminate in the design of a beautiful mandala. It invites viewers to appreciate each person’s individuality and unique contributions while recognizing the collective beauty that emerges when we come together in harmony.

Director:Raquel Clemente Martins
DOP: Ricardo Nogueira
Animation: Ricardo Nogueira e Raquel Martins

There Isn’t a Planet B!

What planet do we want to live on today, 10, 30, 100 years from now?
We believe that we all want to be present in a responsible, healthy and sustainable future.
Now and ever, what we do today will impact tomorrow.
There is no time for us to wait for a plan B, alternative and
miraculous. The decision belongs to all of us and it has to be made today.


  • Directors and Producers: Ricardo Nogueira
 e Raquel Martins
  • Script: Help Images
  • Editing: Help Images
  • Motion Graphics: Light Film
  • Music:  Audio Jungle-“Animation Movie” by MusicRays
  • Audio Post: Fast Forward
  • Voice over: Nilton