The Heirs

The documentary has subtitles (CC on player) available in Portuguese, French, English and Spanish

“The Heirs” is a one-hour documentary made in partnership with Social Center 6 de Maio and the inhabitants of an illegal neighborhood on the outskirts of Lisbon. This documentary’s main objective is to preserve the legacy of this community of emigrants from Cape Verde. But it has a more relevant objective: to demonstrate that we all share fundamental values of humanity and a country that we all feel like ours. Raising awareness for minorities, that are part of the social framework of international cities worldwide, is the mission of this documentary, a mission that is shared by Help Images and the Social Center 6 de Maio.
The documentary “Os Herdeiros do Bairro” won some awards. Follow this link for more information: >Awards

The Heirs from Help Images on Vimeo.

  • Scrip: Raquel Martins
  • Directors: Ricardo Nogueira & Raquel Martins
  • Production: Raquel Martins 
  • Production Assistant: Mafalda Martins
  • DOP: Ricardo Nogueira
  • Camera assistant: Liliana Tábuas
  • Sound recordist: Paulo Cerveira
  • Gaffer: Vítor Rodrigues
  • Assistants: Adriano Siruteu, Tomás Martins, Vasco Fernandes
  • Edit and color grading : Ricardo Nogueira
  • Grafic design: Diogo Chaveiro, Mafalda Martins, Raquel Martins
  • Motion Graphics: Diogo Chaveiro
  • Sound mixing: André Duarte
  • Voice over: Tó Semedo
  • Still photographer: Rosa Reis
  • English translation: Raquel Martins e Sofia Rosado
  • French translation: Fátima Seabra e Teresa Leal
  • Spanish translation: Kattia Hernandez e Irmã Ruana
  • Original soundtrack : Solitude, Whimsical, Speculative, Rima Banya, Alternative facts & Passe Compose by David Hilowitz, “Choro by” Lura & “Terra’L” by Lura & Michel Montrond 

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