Escola Azul

On the World Oceans Day 2021, Blue School presented its community with this film that defines so well what we stand for and what this Blue School community (with students, teachers, local communities, partners and municipalities) truly represents. 

This film is for everyone who has come aboard this programme and that continues, every day, to fight for the Ocean.

  • Director and producer : Raquel Martins 
  • Director and DOP: Ricardo Nogueira
  • Camera assistant: Liliana Tábuas;
  • Production assistant: Mafalda Martins;
  • Runner: José Segura;
  • Audio Post- André do Audio – Fast Forward
  • Illustrations – Maria Reis Rocha

Blue School day

On World Ocean Day, Help Images joined the “Blue School” (Ministry of the Sea) and produced a film reminding us why the sea is so missed!

This film is just a drop from the authentic ocean of fantastic contributions that we received from the incredible community “Escola Azul” spread across Portuguese schools.

Santo Antão Island -“WE know how to stop time “

Promotional film of Santo Antão Island, Cape Verde, in “Turism + Sustainable Development” ADPM project, with the main purpose to promote the sustainable tourism as a tool of revenue generation and improvement of socioeconomic condition on Santo Antão Island

WE know how to stop time – Santo Antão island from Help Images on Vimeo.


  • Directors: Raquel Martins e Ricardo Nogueira
  • Writer: Raquel Martins
  • Photography Director/ Drone Op. : Ricardo Nogueira
  • Camara Assistant: Pedro Cavaco
  • Local Production: ADPM , Santo Antão
  • Voice over:Tó Semedo
  • Original Song: Cordas do Sol
  • Underwater footage: Blue Eden
  • Editing and grading :Social Help
  • Sound Editor: Fast Forward


Anorexia is not a fad

Our film aims at children, teenagers, and their families, and it was produced to alert and demystify Anorexia Nervosa: the eating disorder with the highest mortality rate. This film intends to bring awareness to the behaviours associated with this disorder: to promote empathy and understanding, encourage well-being and healthy lifestyles.

When approaching this topic, we want to promote awareness and social responsibility in general. Anorexia Nervosa is a serious mental health condition difficult to understand and recognize. An early diagnosis is crucial for a quick recovery. The faster the return to an adaptive trajectory, the less crystallized the problematic behaviour becomes.

 Thanks to this film we have the opportunity to approach Anorexia Nervosa in school communities through visual media, stimulating an enlightening and prejudice-free debate afterward. Clarifying this topic, especially amongst teens and their families, will increase understanding and support amongst peers and the early identification of Eating and Ingestion Disorders.