The Heirs

The documentary has subtitles (CC on player) available in Portuguese, French, English and Spanish “The Heirs” is a one-hour documentary made in partnership with Social Center 6 de Maio and the inhabitants of an illegal neighborhood on the outskirts of Lisbon. This documentary’s main objective is to preserve the legacy of this … Continue reading The Heirs

Move & Help

We are developing an Internet application that leverages and promotes fundraising events through sports events, with pre-determined routes or tracks.


Our society is increasingly influenced by the Media, which through mass communication chooses what to show us of the world, leaving us with mixed feelings of guilt and helplessness, which paralyzes and discourages us. We have a lack of new leaders who believe in us and in whom we can … Continue reading INSPIRING NEW LEADERS


By delivering audiovisual training and equipment to dedicated staff at well-established local radio (LR) stations (the main vehicle for independent mass communication in developing countries), our project will have a local structure and privileged access to first-hand stories. This is true because LARs (Local Aid Reporters), being one of them, … Continue reading LOCAL AID REPORTERS