Our society is increasingly influenced by the Media, which through mass communication chooses what to show us of the world, leaving us with mixed feelings of guilt and helplessness, which paralyzes and discourages us.

We have a lack of new leaders who believe in us and in whom we can believe. New social leaders are a necessity and part of the solution. They are people who, through their creative ability and perseverance, overcame social problems and obstacles and improved their quality of life and that of their community.
We need to hear the stories of those who are already changing the world and to believe that we too can be a part of this change.

Inspired by these examples, we will become New Social Leaders.

The concept

Inspire new leaders through real life stories, where people through their creativity, will power and determination managed to overcome problems and obstacles, improving their quality of life and that of their community.

We believe

Good examples act as catalysts for good deeds.
Others influence us with their actions and achievements. The power of a good example is stronger than duty or obedience. Inspiration leads us to dream, to believe that we are able to change our life for the better, we can resolve our problems and that ultimately we deserve to be happy.

The campaign – spreading success stories around the world
Produce a series of four short film episodes, up to 22 minutes in length, on different topics (health, water, human rights, housing, energy, youth), where true stories of real people, who did extraordinary things, are told first hand.
Distribute these series’ worldwide with support of a major broadcaster and web channels.

The Training – inspiring new storytellers

Training local people in developing countries where we will be filming. The film crew will carry out workshops that will always take place before production actually starts. The aim is to leverage the technical skills of Help Images’ crew on the ground to train local people for free. We also want to establish ties with the community through training, before the filming begins.

Areas of training

Directly linked to audiovisual production and direction (for local reporters, local radio and television, young people).
Project management, foreign languages, mathematics, etc. (and any other specific skills the assigned crew may have)
What we seek

Lots of Stories!
people who identify success stories that deserve to be told and that will have a clear and inspiring worldwide effect..

New Members
people with film, production and storytelling skills. Or any others who want to join Help Images and support our “inspiring new leaders” movement.

contacts with multinationals in order to raise funds for training and film production. Fundraisers will receive a commission percentage on funds raised.

New partners
contacts with local organizations that support the logistics involved in film production and training.

For more information send us an email