By delivering audiovisual training and equipment to dedicated staff at well-established local radio (LR) stations (the main vehicle for independent mass communication in developing countries), our project will have a local structure and privileged access to first-hand stories.

This is true because LARs (Local Aid Reporters), being one of them, will speak their language and breathe their culture. Since there are Local Radios in many developing countries, we can easily replicate this model: train a LAR and establish a long-term relationship to periodically receive video content from every surrounding community impacted by aid and development projects.

For each successfully trained LAR we will assign a top international journalist to become their coach. We believe this emotional bond will engage not only the LAR and coach, but also the LAR and the coach’s audience.

We want to create a new and unconventional “World Aid News Agency” (WANA) dedicated to aid and development news. WANA will have a business model based on a not-for-profit approach, where the sustainability of the organization and every LAR is safeguarded.

On one hand WANA will be unique because it will have the support of a European established NGO with dedicated staff (experts in media for development and mass communication) ready to edit and format stories, sent by LARs. They will be producing appealing content for general audiences in developed countries and distributing them for free through mass communication channels on multi-platforms (video casts, social games, International NGO sites, social media, news agencies, etc.).

On the other hand, WANA will apply a creative fair trade policy when producing requested data and video content for specific clients: international NGOs, humanitarian organizations, broadcasters, academic institutions and sponsors.

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