Cascais Market gained new life when MOVEMENTO DOS AFECTOS organized a surprise event, adding colour and joy to the existing array of different sights and activities abound in the market stalls.

The FLASH MOB “your hug and your kisses are the best for me” aimed to alert parents to the importance of showing affection towards their children, promoting more ‘cuddles’ in the lives of these little beings who need to feel loved by their parents.

With a song that is well known to all Portuguese people, “Sailor’s Life” was adapted for this movement, 50 dancers performed and spread affection to all those shopping at the market that morning. Some even dared to participate … at the end everyone took flowers home as well as an important reminder: cuddles, one can never have too many!

  • Produced & Directed by: Ricardo Nogueira & Raquel Martins
  • Camera men: Ricardo Nogueira, Duarte Teixeira, Miguel Manso, Tanja Wessel
  • Original Music: “Vida de Marinheiro” de João Aguadela (Sitiados)
  • Cover: Emanuel Vieira
  • New lirics: Lígia Nogueira
  • Choreography: Susana Mil-Homens
  • Dance Studio: Design Art