Ricardo Martins

ricardo-martinsRicardo has extensive experience in the financial sector particularly in the area of investment management, where he held various roles over the last 20 years. Head of Investments since 2004 in Previsão SGFP, a Portugal Telecom Group company, is responsible for formulating and implementing policies and investment strategies for the pension funds of the group.
He is a member of several investment committees and has an extensive international network in the financial area.
Before joining Previsão he worked as information systems consultant at Accenture.
Ricardo is a graduate in Economics from ISEG and took several specialization courses and training activities, mainly in the financial area.
He has sound knowledge of economics and financial markets, high ethical standards, strong leadership and good communication skills.
His involvement with the activity of the third sector began in 2008, following the challenge by the other founders of Help Images, to help developing the concept and strategic planning.