Partnerships for a sustainable world

This is our world! The world we want to share with future generations. Its everyone’s responsibility to take action, in a concerted, global and urgent response to the planet’s sustainable development  The 2030 Agenda seeks to address these concerns on a comprehensive and truly universal way,  based on 17 Sustainable Development Goals These goals are each and everyone’s responsibility – to reach them we need to work together as

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Scholarship Program – Cooperation

“Scholarship Program – Cooperation”, film produced regarding the reception ceremony for Portuguese Cooperation scholarship holders and the presentation of the new university scholarship program of Camões, I.P.

  • Production and direction: Ricardo Nogueira
 e Raquel Martins
  • DOP: Ricardo Nogueira
  • Camera assist: Liliana Tábuas e Mafalda Martins
  • Footage from Lisbon: Help Images
  • Sound: Paulo Cerveira
  • Footage from PALOP and Timor-Leste: RTP 
  • Video editing: Help Images
  • Arquive Footage: RTP
  • Sound Mix: Help Images & Fast Forward
  • Voice Over: José Neves 
  • Music: Audiojungle